Top 10 Acura Models Crafted by Honda

Discover the top 10 Acura models, the luxury division proudly crafted by Honda. Explore innovation and elegance combined.

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Top 10 Acura Models Crafted by Honda
Top 10 Acura Models Crafted by Honda

Is Acura made by Honda? Absolutely, and this connection has fostered a line of vehicles that brilliantly blend innovation with elegance. Acclaimed for its luxurious and performance-oriented models, Acura, Honda's upscale division, has been introducing groundbreaking cars for decades. This article dives into the top 10 Acura models crafted by Honda, showcasing the very best in luxury, performance, and technological innovation. Let's explore the models that have defined Acura's excellence over the years.

Is Acura Made by Honda?

Indeed, Acura is made by Honda, serving as its luxury vehicle division since 1986. This strategic move allowed Honda to enter the luxury market, offering high-end vehicles featuring advanced engineering, superior performance, and sophisticated design not typically found in its mainstream Honda lineup. Acura's creation marked the beginning of Japanese luxury car brands venturing into the upscale automotive market in the United States. Now, let's delve into the models that highlight Acura's prowess.

List of Top Choices

Acura MDX

  • Spacious and Comfortable Interior: Ample room for passengers and cargo alike.
  • Powerful Engine: Robust performance that does not compromise on efficiency.
  • Advanced Features: Equipped with cutting-edge technology for safety and entertainment.

The Acura MDX has consistently been a favorite among luxury SUV enthusiasts since its introduction in 2001. With a focus on creating a spacious and comfortable ride, the MDX caters well to families and those who desire room without sacrificing performance. Its powerful engine ensures a smooth and responsive drive, while its suite of advanced features—from safety assists to multimedia capabilities—demonstrates Acura's commitment to innovation. This model perfectly encapsulates the balance between practicality and luxury, making it a top choice for discerning drivers.

Acura RDX

  • Sporty Handling: Agile and fun to drive, enhancing the overall driving experience.
  • Comfortable Ride: Well-tuned suspension offers comfort without losing that sporty edge.
  • Packed with Features: Comes loaded with an extensive list of standard and optional features.

The Acura RDX takes the compact luxury SUV market by storm, proving that smaller dimensions don't mean a compromise on luxury or performance. Its sporty handling provides an exciting driving experience, while the comfortable ride ensures that long journeys are a pleasure. The RDX stands out with its plethora of features, which cater to the modern driver's needs. From advanced safety systems to state-of-the-art infotainment options, the RDX blends practicality with the pleasure of driving, making it a compelling option for those who live life on the go.

Acura TLX

  • Powerful Engine Options: Offers a choice between refined power and high-performance muscle.
  • Sharp Handling: Precision-engineered for an engaging and dynamic driving experience.
  • Comfortable Interior: Luxurious and well-appointed cabin designed for utmost comfort.

Occupying a sweet spot in the mid-size luxury sedan market, the Acura TLX is a testament to Acura's ability to blend performance with luxury. The car's engine options cater to a wide range of preferences, offering anything from efficient performance to exhilarating power. Its sharp handling makes every drive an engaging experience, while the interior provides a sanctuary of comfort and luxury. For those who value a car that feels as good to drive as it is to be seen in, the TLX is an outstanding selection.

Acura Integra

  • Sporty Handling: Known for its nimble and responsive driving character.
  • Fun-to-Drive Nature: Acclaimed for its engaging driving dynamics and spirited ride.
  • Iconic Nameplate: The Integra name holds a storied history and strong brand heritage.

The Acura Integra, with its storied heritage, made a celebrated return in the 2023 model year, much to the delight of enthusiasts. Its reputation for sporty handling and a fun-to-drive nature remains intact, offering an exciting driving experience that few in its segment can match. The revived Integra pays homage to its legacy while embracing modernity, offering an appealing blend of performance, style, and the latest technology. This compact sport sedan embodies Acura's commitment to performance-oriented luxury, making it a standout choice for those who love to drive.

Acura RLX

  • Powerful Engine: Delivers robust performance with refined smoothness.
  • Luxurious Interior: Spacious and richly appointed cabin that prioritizes passenger comfort.
  • Advanced Features: A showcase of Acura's latest technological innovations and driver assists.

As the flagship model from 2012 to 2020, the Acura RLX presented itself as the epitome of luxury in the Acura lineup. With a powerful engine that offers both performance and smoothness, the RLX appeals to those who demand a top-tier driving experience. Inside, the RLX pampers its occupants with a spacious and opulent cabin, enriched with high-quality materials and advanced features that emphasize convenience and safety. The RLX represents Acura’s vision of luxury, combining impressive performance with unparalleled comfort and state-of-the-art technology.

Acura TSX

  • Stylish Design: A sleek, attractive exterior that catches the eye.
  • Dynamic Performance: Engaging driving experience with nimble handling.
  • Upscale Features: Well-equipped with modern comforts and conveniences.

The Acura TSX carved out its niche as a compact luxury sedan that did not shy away from delivering both style and substance. Produced from 2003 to 2014, its combination of a stylish exterior with dynamic performance made it a favorite among those who desired the full luxury experience in a more compact form. The TSX's attention to detail, both in its design and in the range of upscale features available, ensured that drivers enjoyed both comfort and connectivity on the move. It's a testament to Acura's ability to create vehicles that resonate with discerning tastes and active lifestyles.

Acura ILX

  • Sporty Handling: Provides a spirited and agile driving experience.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Excels in offering economy without compromising performance.
  • Upscale Interior: A premium cabin that focuses on comfort and refinement.

Introduced in 2012, the Acura ILX brought an affordable option to the luxury compact sedan market while still upholding the brand’s standards for quality and performance. Its sporty handling makes it a joy to drive, especially for those who appreciate agility and responsiveness. Furthermore, its fuel efficiency appeals to practical yet discerning drivers looking for a blend of economy and luxury. Inside, the ILX boasts an upscale interior that emphasizes comfort, making every journey a pleasure. For those seeking an entry into the luxury car market, the ILX represents an excellent starting point.

Acura TL

  • Performance and Luxury: A harmonious blend that offers drivers the best of both worlds.
  • Value Proposition: Combines high-end features with affordability.
  • Stylish Comfort: A cabin that marries aesthetic appeal with ergonomic design.

From 1995 to 2020, the Acura TL stood as a pillar in the mid-size luxury sedan segment, presenting a strong value proposition to those in the market for luxury and performance. Its ability to blend a dynamic driving experience with a level of comfort and luxury typically found in more expensive models allowed it to carve out a distinct place for itself. The TL's stylish yet comfortable interior invited drivers and passengers alike to enjoy the journey, irrespective of the destination. It exemplified Acura's commitment to offering premium vehicles that did not break the bank, ensuring that luxury was accessible to a broader audience.

Acura NSX

  • Incredible Handling: Engineered for precision and exhilaration on the road.
  • Powerful Engine: A heart-racing performance that stamps its authority on the asphalt.
  • Luxurious Interior: Merges sportiness with premium comfort features.

The Acura NSX redefined what a high-performance sports car could be, with its launch in 1990 and a much-anticipated redesign in 2016. Known for its incredible handling and powerful engine, the NSX offers a driving experience that is both exhilarating and refined. Its design, both inside and out, speaks to a harmonious balance between sportiness and luxury, making it a standout in its class. The NSX demonstrates Acura’s prowess in creating a vehicle that not only pushes the boundaries of performance but also wraps its occupants in a cocoon of comfort and luxury.

Acura SLX

  • Luxurious SUV Experience: Offers a blend of luxury and rugged performance.
  • Sporty Driving Experience: Engages drivers with its dynamic capabilities.
  • Road Presence: Its design conveys strength and sophistication.

Though less known than its counterparts, the Acura SLX held its ground as a mid-size luxury SUV from 1996 to 1999. It provided a unique blend of luxury appointments and robust performance capabilities, making it suitable for a variety of driving conditions. The SLX's sporty driving experience was complemented by a design that exuded strength and sophistication, ensuring that it made a statement on the road. As a precursor to future Acura SUVs, the SLX set the stage for the brand's innovative approach to combining performance, luxury, and versatility in an SUV package.

In conclusion, these top 10 Acura models showcase the brand's evolution and Honda’s dedication to excellence in the luxury automotive market. From sport sedans like the Integra and TLX to pioneering SUVs like the MDX and SLX, Acura continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in automotive design and engineering. Each model, with its distinct blend of performance, luxury, and innovation, reaffirms Acura’s place in the hearts of car enthusiasts and everyday drivers alike. As we look to the future, Acura remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering vehicles that excite, inspire, and elevate the driving experience to new heights.

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